Cianar Brazen

The proprietor of The Brazen Brewhouse and aspiring wizard



Cianar (KEY-nar), or Cian (KEY-an) to his friends, is a not unattractive man who appears to be somewhere in a well-worn thirties. He has dark brown hair, tending to grey around the temples, and keeps a short beard. His intelligent, blue eyes are flanked by the beginnings of a fine set of wrinkles, spreading out into the weathered skin of his face. He is fit and well muscled, standing an inch or two shy of six feet and favours simple but well-made clothing of a practical make.

He has a somewhat stern, fatherly demeanour, that cracks easily in the company of friends and family, especially his adopted daughter Maera. He can often be found with a pair of reading spectacles perched on the end of his nose, engrossed in whatever tome of arcane lore has has most recently been able to acquire.


A Tarboltonian, born and bred, Cianar followed in his father’s footsteps and enlisted into the God King’s Army, alongside his best friend. But when his friend was killed in magical friendly fire at the end of their tour, Cianar took his discharge and committed to raising his friend’s now orphaned daughter. With his wartime earnings, he purchased The Brazen Brewhouse, which he runs with the help of his sister.

Cianar has decided that the only way to secure his and his daughter’s place in the world is to become a wizard, a goal to which he dedicates every spare hour and every spare copper.

Cianar Brazen

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