One of the three districts that hedge in The Browns, and definitely the poorest of them. Ironbank was once the mining heart of the city, and the old iron pits that sometimes warp the shape of streets attest to this. Always a working class district, Ironbank has become more prosperous with The Advancement, as the space was mostly free for setting up factories.

The Punt team of Ironbank are the Ironbank Miners

Notable Locations

Vollier’s Refinery: Probably the most well-off Ironbank factory, in large part because Dee was willing to ignore the smell of The Browns for a closer proximity to the Upper City and its residuum runoff.

The Brazen Brewhouse: A clean and well appointed inn owned by Cianar Brazen, who runs it with the help of his sister Saraid. Catering to a mixed crowd of Ironbankers, factory workers and a surprisingly large number of students, it has a good reputation, considering its location. Rumour has it that the innkeeper will even settle your tab in exchange for a minor arcane curiosity or tome of magical lore.


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