Tarbolton, the great city

Tarbolton, the the great city, is the most advanced city in the world. Sporting a population of over a million, with a large portion of them being new immigrants.

Tarbolton owes its growth in large part to the monasteries of Katsina for catapaulting organised magic in to a very advanced state. Relying on an economy of magic, Tarbolton makes goods the rest of the world can only dream of, and how these are brought to the rest of the world is a question both other cities, and interested merchants, are asking.

For most though, Tarbolton is a goal and a dream. A city that almost leaves the mundane world behind. All ruled over by the presumably benevolent GodKing Barolt IV

There are also some who would argue that Tarbolton is now unofficially the capital of all Newathil, and might one day be the capital of the gods’ disparate city-states.

Major Districts:
Upper Tarbolton
The Browns
Lake District

Major Inventions
Residuum towers
Gruel Spoons

Tarbolton, the great city

Tarbolton noviny