Barolt IV

The GodKing of knowledge.


The ruler of Tarbolton by default. A fairly elusive figure, mostly keeping to himself. His clerics work to spread as much free knowledge as possible, making losses on printing books and giving sermons on a whole host of topics.

Barolt has been the mastermind of the city’s magical expansion, overseeing the city for the last 500 years.

5 years ago was the last time Barolt left the upper city, where a war with the GodQueen of war was forced to a head. The GodQueen of war was trying to claim the great city and its territories and inventions for herself, and Barolt took to the field of battle.

On that day, Barolt killed the god of war in combat, breaking the spirits of her armies, and causing a shudder. Since then the great city has been left to grow in peace.


Barolt IV

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