A new marvel! The Force Thrower

Do not let the thin tube convince you that this weapon is something to trifle with. This pistol takes the principle of a sling and delivers the power of a crossbow. How you ask? The ballistics use a set of glyphs that are top of the line, a revolution in warfare.

Simply place one of our custom bullets in to the chamber, where our charms hold it in place. Press down the activation panel, and the bullet is propelled so fast that there is a percussive bang like you would not believe.

Each Force Thrower is custom made, and they are available from blank blank for a mere 50platinum, or 45 with orders of ten or more.

And be assured, that these force throwers use an intuitive construction. By allowing you to brace the tube against your shoulder, you can sight down the chamber, creating an accuracy that needs to be seen to be believed.

A new marvel! The Force Thrower

Tarbolton noviny