Lady Dana Margolot Disgraced

It could barely be conceived of one month ago that Lady Dana Margolot could have been at the centre of a scandal. Yet, today it was revealed that Miss Margolot has a Harlot’s mark.

A dainty Tiefling noble of a light 19, and daughter of Deacon Varbeck Margolot and the esteemed Lady Janna Margolot who once performed in the Marcigny national orchestra. Dana attended the Tarbolt college of the arts, and was being considered as a cellist for the Tarbolt Orchestra. Now such opportunities are beyond her.

During a performance of Tchakelev’s requiem, the angle of a rather fetching split dress in the style favoured by many young women allowed an audience member to see the so-called ‘harlot mark’, the arcane tattoo that keeps prostitutes from conceiving, and from contracting venereal diseases.

Later magical testing discreetly confirmed this to be true, and the Tiefling has been confined to her father’s house in the Upper City ever since.

While Mis Margalot was unavailable to comment, one of her friends, Violet Laurinair has claimed that the practice is not uncommon among young people who are ‘interested in a bit of fun, but don’t want to marry yet’.

The church has officially condemned this new practice, with Deacon Varbeck’s statement being that it is an ‘abomination to take this holy mark designed to protect the people of the night and use it to satisfy one’s own carnal desires’, a statement backed up by others within the church.

When the owner of The Warm Embrace was approached for comment, they said that if it gave people safety, then anyone should be able to use it, whether or not they intended to prostitute themselves.

Parents are encouraged to investigate their children to save similar public embarrassments.

Lady Dana Margolot Disgraced

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