We Remember

As winter crests its peak, we see the devil’s blossoms, their distinct undulating petals spread across so many places in the city.

The devil’s blossom has always been a sign of winter breaking, and people cultivate the plants year round in preparation for this amazing bloom. But while the tradition of devil’s blossom extends back generations, they now serve another purpose.

This year marks the 178th year since the devil’s blossoms were accompanied by the assault from the endless spire. To those of us who remember that time, it was the nightmare of generations finally come true.

As you see the devil’s blossoms, if you twine them in your hair to keep you warm, think on how lucky we are for those brave people who fought to once again seal the spire. My own mother left me to take up arms alongside Solanna, the Goddess of the sun whose life was to be claimed by the devils.

The names of those who should be honoured are recorded, but on the anniversary, I recommend visiting the temple of Braego, and not only honouring those who have fallen, but giving what you can to the one who watches the spire, ensuring that this calamity does not occur again.

We Remember

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