The drow are a race from Newathil, marked as different by their black skin and white eyes. Their own myth paints them as the original people of Newathil, and that the creator made other races as pale reflections of the drow.

A Drow city, Daerdre, was the heart of an Empire for nearly one thousand years, that ruled Newathil, sometimes more despotically than others. While not all drow are Daedre in ancestry, the Empire still colours perceptions of drow across Newathil to this day, and while generally people are convinced their empirical days are over, even the shorter lived races have been surprisingly good at holding on to old grudges.

Daedre, the capital of the old Empire forms the largest drow population in Newathil, clinging on to past glories in amazing mansions that can no longer be properly maintained, now that slavery is illegal and they cannot afford to pay armies of servants. It is well known that members of the selacchi family still desire an Empire to rule, but they have learned to move slower. An Empire in a thousand years that lasts for ten thousand is better than an Empire today that will crumble before your life is over.

Within Tarbolton, new Drow families have seized on the opportunity for arcane advancement. Many families that were always servants under the Imperium now seek advancement or acceptance in to all levels of society.


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