The second incredibly long-lived race on Newathil, and one of the few races not to be conquered at any point by the Daerdric Imperium. Even today, the Bjorn forest from which they hail remains a place barely explored by outsiders.

Their ability to resist the Daerdre is their most notable feature, they keep out of world affairs as long as they are left alone.

Occasionally, Havardr (as they refer to themselves in their native tongue) will venture out in to the world and spend a decade or a century committed to some grand ideal. Often they are seen as incredibly uncivilised, as even more than Katsina natives they seem not to understand the traditions of the land. On closer inspection it seems they simply do not care as much, seeing formality as something strange and fleeting, and rarely wanting to adhere to such strictures.

A few families of Havardr have made the move in to larger cities, all for their own individual reasons.


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